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Control and Information Systems for Rolling Mills

The most significant domain of the company activity is developing control and information systems for rolling mills. The systems are typically hierarchical and individually configured to meet demands of our clients.

The first – control – level includes a network of industrial PCs and/or PLCs controlling individual processes or collecting data. Screw-down positioning systems, thickness controllers (AGC) or man-machine intefaces are typical nodes of this network.

The second – information – level is constituted by a database server or servers keeping record of data about production, downtimes, alarms, etc. and automatically back-uping the process data, and by a computer network running client-type applications. These applications provide database outputs, data visualisation, diagnostics and more.

Thanks to the modular architecture of our systems, we can build various comprehensive system configurations to satisfy our clients,
from single controllers to full hierarchical systems compatible with existing computer networks of respective factories.

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